Our Vision

Saint Paul
is the expression of an authentic, Valletta way of life. A perfectly balanced interplay between curated design and discreet yet personal hospitality. Located in the heart of the capital city, its architectural backdrop is steeped in history while its décor reflects a visionary touch.

Saint Paul is an enclave for travellers with a passion for all that is bespoke, local, and unique.

Urban Design Stories
About the Designer – Mark Pace

Mark holds a distinct eye for design that is at once both rooted in his Maltese heritage and immersed in visual elements influenced by Dutch form. A purveyor of authenticity, Mark’s design vision looks to beautify through the natural and balanced. In this spirit and through Saint Paul, Mark brings to light Valletta’s genuine, lesser-known soul to share with urban explorers from across the continents.

Recognised as a leading figure of the Maltese design scene, Mark’s portfolio of work reflect a grounded spirit of harmony that bridges the contemporary with the authentic.

Our Apartments


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280 St Paul's Street